Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Outrage!

I can't sleep so here we go. I shall relate my experience of feeling intensely outraged today.

First off, I was on my way home and at *every* stage there was a chick on crutches blocking up the stairs up and out or in and down in the Underground.

Now, I know that makes me sound like a dreadful person but it didn't actually bother me until I sat down on the train and ..

*clkclack...clkclack....clkclack...* And there she was...the Crocodile to my Captain Hook. And she plonked herself down in front of me.

Again, this would not normally irritate me.

A woman sat down next to me and the Crocodile says to her 'O watch out for my leg. I need to have it stretched out. Because I broke it'. Woman politely asks what happened. Crocodile responds smugly 'Skiing'.

AGAIN not a problem.

Then the problem happened. It happened! SHE GOT ON THE PHONE! I hate it when people get on the phone on trains. Specially when you're at a shared table thingy...on a quiet train. It's a total lack of respect for the people around you. I always get off the phone when I get on the train (unless it's not quiet). Uff!!
And the conversations?!
First: On the phone to mum, about her leg and her physio;
Second: On the phone to some guy, about her leg and her physio and how nice it is to get away from London for a while and being at home;
Third: On the phone to some chick, about her leg and her physeio and how nice it is to get away from London for a while and being at home just relaxing and being with the family;
Fourth: Long conversation on the phone about how she's been invited to the Hunters' Ball by Flora. Flora says dress code is pretty relaxed and you could get away with just wearing a long dress. Ths is great because it will hide her foot and yet she can still look like everyone else. You know FLORA has a closet full of long dresses. Hunters' Ball looks fun, just hanging around with some friends over some drinks. Hopefully my leg will be ok by then.

*sound of scratching record*
WAIT A MINUTE, did I just say MY LEG?! O yes! She talked for the entire twenty minute journey. Got in my head. Hate her. HATE HATE HATE. SMASH SMASH SMASH.
Hunting in my opinion is a no-no. I understand that foxes can be a pest and I guess sure, those who live in the country would know best whether culling is required. However, I don't feel that chasing a fox down after hours on your horse with your frikkin' dogs chasing it until it's out of it's mind in fear, then setting upon it and ripping it to shreds, is humane (wow long sentence).

So I didn't hate her THAT much but ogh the hunting infuriated me...That's all for now.
Tomorrow, I'll relate my supreme lame-ness from today. ^^


The FlaminDessa said...

Smash smash smash could be a new saying around certain quarters now.

I feel sorta bad because I always speak loud on the underground...

I think I've entered a right of passage.

Mozzarella said...

On the underground is fine because you're *with* someone and it's not just oen person. Whereas, this was on overground, national rain and she was on her mobile phone!! ARGH!!