Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Things going on right now

To begin, I will discuss the snow. Because that's all everyone is talking about and I feel like talking about it too. I love it. It has brought everything to a standstill. Tubes, trains, buses. All stopped. Thanks to the glorious snow. For the moment, I don't understand why everyone's so annoyed. There was such a sense of peace on Monday morning when everything was...under.
The Newsreaders are dividing the response loosely into two camps really: the 'IhateBoriswhyhasn'thedoneanythingtofixthissituationIcan'tgettowork' and the 'lovesnowofftoplay'. The first group is adults and the second, children. Loosely. I'm glad I can still count myself as a child. I made a mama bear and a baby bear. Out of snow. Love it. My parents thought I was crazy. I'm tempted to agree.

Also in the news is that 2009 is the worst year for university graduates seeking jobs. Wonderful. An excuse to spend the recession being a bum and my mother can't say ANYTHING!! MWAHAHAHA.
Actually, I intend to skip the country. As anyone who knows me will know. If you don't know me and don't know, well now you know. Do you feel in the know? I know you do. :P
So, I'm making my plans to go to Korea/Taiwan to teach English and I believe it'll be crazy good. I'm a little bit terrified, but I'll get over it. I'll finally escape the clutches of the obligations of being the youngest daughter. People may think there are none. Specially those who are not the youngest daughter, but really you have no idea what it's like. It has it's positives but let's be real now. It sucks a lot.
BUT KOREAAAAAAAAAAAAA (or Taiwan). How cool is that? I can't believe I'm actually going to do it. I hope it all pans out and I get a position out there. My recruiters say it should be no trouble. But still... pray for me. Everyone is free to crash at my place if my place is big enough. For free.

Also in recent news (of my life) is...errm...I don't know. I guess I'm a little bit happy right now. Mosying along as you do. Overall I guess you could say I'm happy. Not 100%, but who cares about that pesky 25%?! It's all about the golden 75%(of me that is joyous). I really want a polar bear/panda/cow hat.

Skywalker now walks. Albeit holding stuff but still. She makes me happy.

I have bundles of coursework to get through but there's no MS Word....(you thought I was going to say time; there is time but no Word. My laptop is being evil and it makes me want to cry when I'm not running around being joyous for no apparent reason).
I've lugged my monster laptop all the way into university today, through sleet and snow shall we say. in order to get the IT help people to help. They say 'Come back at 12'. Came back at 12 and they say 'Come back at 12:30'. Gosh what DIFFERENCE does it make. So mean. I feel jilted- like a lover.

There's a song I heard on the radio this morning. Called 'Say I am Wonderful' or something. It made me that little bit more happy.


carol xx said...

I loved your mama and baby bear! :D

I'm not sure what the obligations are of being the youngest daughter.. I am one, and I get spoilt lots, and the rules are much more relaxed. But my parents always see me as their baby.

Mozzarella said...

Ah well, it's things like never being able to speak 'on the level' with your family. And always having to 'respect' what they say even if it's wrong. Things like..having to hold your tongue in an argument and not being able to say your piece because you ought to be 'respectful'. My siblings are a lot older than me you see? It also means having everything you do second-guessed by EVERYONE, not just your parents.
Like, something your parents may initially agree to is then totally swung 180 after a convo with your siblings.

Regarding teaching abroad, I am facing some serious opposition from certain fam members, but that just makes me more determined really. To go somewhere and finally do what I want, for myself. Seriously a privilege :)

Do you have older siblings?

hana said...

Teaching english in Korea!!! Omg I WANT. I heard they pay for all boarding fees and 2000usd pay per month and that is excluding private tutoring which would bring in more.

I am gonna see if I can land that kind of summer job when I get into a proper uni.

So whats the level of English must one possess to be eligible?

Mozzarella said...

I know! How hawt is that!? I can finally get the animal hat of my dreams...totally the wrong reasons for skipping the country ey?

My real reason for going is actually the whole Hallyu and pop scene AND the fact they pay for your accomodation. So as soon as you land, you're set.

Minimum contract is 1 year though dear. Requirements are generally a bachelor's degree, above 20 and a native speaker of english. Teaching license/certification is preferred but not necessary.

If you've got these, I'm sure you can find something.

I really hope I end up in Korea, if I do, feel free to visit. It will be EPIC!

hana said...

Oh crap. A year. My Korean friend told me it was only a summer though bah.

Or maybe it varies from country to country....are you from the States too then?


Mozzarella said...

Well I guess you could go out for a summer and maybe teach at a cram school. There's always openings there. I'm actually from the UK so its going to be one heck of a journey to Korea. Terrified. Sure, come visit. Perhaps once I'm there, I'll try and find out if you can go for a summer (I hope to go out there in October, so plenty of time to find out).

OMG talking to you is getting me totally excited about going.