Thursday, 21 August 2008

Sometimes, wonderful things happen to me, too.

Two weeks have passed since my first full glorious day in Istanbul.
It feels like forever (o the melodrama).
Two weeks should be enough time to readjust to England and all that comes with it.
It should be.

And so instead I find myself moping around wishing I was anywhere but here.
The grass is always greener on the other side. Although, I am greatful for the little plot I do have.

She took a deep breath and believed him, because of her father's faith in the myriad and contradictory possibilities of life, and because, too, of what the mountain had taught her. "Okay," she said, exhaling. "I'll buy it. Just don't tell my mother, all right?" The universe was a place of wonders, and only habituation, the anaesthesia of the everyday, dulled our sight....She focused her thoughts. "Sometimes," she decided to say, "wonderful things happen to me, too."

My patience for uploading is waning.
Hence, I shall leave the photos at this for the moment...

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