Monday, 25 August 2008

I do not trust those who laugh too easily.

Why, with no laughter at our lips, does laughter reach through our fingers to the letters L, O, and L?

To laugh out loud is a biggie in my sphere of things. Especially at something I’ve read online and specially at something that someone has written in an msn conversation.


What a space filler. It’s as though you’re avoiding the empty space between two relevant lines of conversation and have decided to fill it with lol. No. That’s not right. No one has made a joke. There’s nothing even remotely funny to even chuckle about.


People who use ‘lol’ as punctuation make me want to rip my scarf off, then my hair out, then my face off. I growl at thee. ‘How are you, lol’, ‘Lol Happy Birthday’.
I mean, those are good examples. There are capital letters in that but seriously, lol for beginning or ending sentences? ON FACEBOOK?! Unless you’re batting a conversation back and forth on message/wall/chat, there is absolutely no space for lol on facebook.


Unless, something really amusing comes along. How often does something ACTUALLY make you laugh-out-loud? Online, on screen, facebook, msn, youtube whatever. I’ve physically laughed out loud reading some articles, seeing some pictures, watching some videos. But most of the time, it’s an inward chuckle or a mini snort through my nose. Never laughing out loud. On these occasions I personally type ‘ha’ or ‘hehehe’ or I do a smilie face like so, :).

So why is it that something like lol is thrown in so casually everywhere. I mean, it’s getting even worse with LMAO and ROFL and dare I say it ROFLMAO. These, I understand you don’t actuallydo. I mean, it’s impossible to laugh an ass off, and I’ve tried! They’re just to emphasise how hard you’re laughing. But when they’re tossed in as casually as lol. Well that takes the biscuit.

‘I do not trust those who laugh too easily. The heart of a fool is in the house of mirth.’

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