Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Flying out.

Tomorrow I fly off to Korea. I've kept everything very hush hush during the whole application process, and visa processing and bla. But now it's really here.
I'm sad but excited too.
I'm sad because I'm leaving my mum and it's just unbelievably heartbreaking. I don't think I realsied how...huge this would feel. And it kills me. It makes me not want to go. It makes me NEVER want to go. But it's happening now, and I can't stop it. It'll make us both stronger, even though it will hurt.
I'm excited for obvious reasons. I've been planning this forever and it's actually happening now. Setting off on my own is a bit crazy for me. No one in my family has ever done anything like this.

But y'know, the sad aspects of going to Korea dull the fizz and sparkle of the independance of branching out.
FOCUS. My focus should be on the good bits. Only then can I stay happy and positive.
I'll miss my mum, but it's ok, she's gonna come out there in a few months for a mini break.
It'll be good.
It'll be amazing.
I'm hungry
I love my new Stitch plushie.

Ps. For Korea blog:

Nothing is on there yet, but as soon as I get internet set up over there, I'll upload an entry :)

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