Sunday, 1 November 2009


I am so over it. Seriously.
It's been a few months away from university and over this time, I've really felt the gap yawn wider and wider. I'm not saying I'm worldly and all because I'm working.
For God's sake, I'm working in retail right now, it's not exactly challenging.
But being away from's different. There's a different sort of responsibility on your head. A different expectation. And a different sort of bone numbing tiredness.
I don't think people really understand that.

Also, on a mental level, I think I've drifted from people. I see things differently now. Maybe I'm growing as an individual or something. Certainly baklava has had an input. But seriously, I am so over folk of the Dictator and ....I'm glad to be away from the place.

I'm glad I don't have to be around them all anymore and my contact with them is limited.

Not all though. I miss a LOT of the people from the Dictator.'s easy to get over.
I'm over the pettiness of it all.

On, to the next phase of life.

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shady said...

i'd blame the baklava ..