Wednesday, 5 August 2009

For sylverine

Self explanatory


Sylverine said...

usdfnnnnnnnnnnnnzfm;dorui9,e90n54 heo\ie#w.d=4-o0wwr twe0


This could well lead to 'The Ultimate Spammage of Mozzarella's FB wall for the entirety of five days of 90 overs. Or less. Depending on how it goes'

BECAUSE I'd have people on BOTH TEAMS to watch.
There will always be a bowler for me to watch.

Unless one/both isn't selected



Baklava said...

I don't think Brett Lee is fit... If he is, he should definately be in Australia's 11. I still can't believe they took out bloody Hughes instead of Hussey in place of Watson - Urgh. Hussey needs to go. He's old and washed up, and hasn't been performing, Hughesy all the way. Kid's got balls and talent.

We're gonna draw this fifth test and take home the Ashes.