Sunday, 18 January 2009

Totoro-in at university

My only friend. Totoro. Keeping me company at university on a SUNDAY (abomination) bashing out an essay.


Gargantuan Marsupial said...

It has been half a year since the last time I looked it, and you only wrote 10 mins worth of reading??? very disappointing.
And I had no idea girls could get yellow fever?! I guess probably some alright choices though.
Agree very much on the media post though and the sickness of constantly reporting on things like madeleine... makes me cringe

Mozzarella said...

Hahaha I apologise for disappointing you? It's been an interesting few months culminating in my not posting as much as I expected to. In fact, more often than not, I'm blogging from my mobile due to a cornucopia of reason.s Not really, only one: I mashed up my PC. So I have internet at home, but no PC/laptop to access it from. :( Boohoo woe is me

Melodramatic shrubbery said...

Ah well, you just listed a reason why you should have written alot more (interesting few months) followed by a reason why you couldn't (death of a computer). That cancels out and means you still need to write a tick more just to make the par!

Mozzarella said...

Dammit I'm under par. I will aim to please you with more post-age. Who are you melodramatic shrubbery?!

distended gastrointestinal tract said...

because shrubberies are ALWAYS melodramatic. Just look at how they just stand there exasperating the fact that they are a shrubbery. Personally I think they should get over it.