Friday, 10 October 2008

Eating feet is wrong

Who reads the ft with one arm above his head and the other at his hip?!

In other news,im officially no longer a Hawk-ette. Leaving do is this weekend. Looking forward to it somewhat.
Also, im back at the Dictator. I hate it. I cant wait till its over and i can squee about what i want to do with my life. But for now..i hate the Dictator with a passion. On the bright side,yesterday, a girl told me she liked my [fashion] style this brightened my day on the slight. However today, my super cute shoes have decided to take a bite out of the back of my feet. This is not cute.
End of the least theres no dictatorship over the weekend.


Boab dweller said...

Thats what YOU think! The totalitarian system infiltrates your essence to the deepest depths! You think there is no dicator in your weekend? What about when you think of monday, and tuesday? There you go! The dictator was there all along, just hiding behind what you thought was your weekend freedom. The dicator will always be there until you decide to stop running and to take the fight to him!

Mozzarella said...

Ermm...The Dictator is my university, stranger :)
So when I say, there is no Dictator at the weekend, I mean I'm not being dragged into the university :)

Interesting words though :D