Sunday, 21 September 2008

Life imitates art

It must be wrong of me to aspire to live the american sitcom.

A while ago, Sylverine mentioned she couldn't wait till we're older and we could invite eachother over for tea and chat.

I finally get what she was on about.

I was just watching some random sitcom (My Boys) and I realised how much I wished I had an apartment door to close after a gang of my friends came 'round with food and drink for a night in.

Just an evening of good times yknow? Even if it's just settling in front of the TV to watch crappy stuff. Staying late because you're in a friend's home and not constrained by anything.

And then I thought about Will and Grace and Friends, and I adore that people are always dropping in just to hang out.

I want that.

And so I now take back my scoffing at Sylverine at wishing away our youth because now I see it.

I look forward to when I'm an older and more mature cheese (although mozzarella is best fresh), and I am going to have an eclectic apartment (in London?), which will be decked out with exotic things from my travels, and photographs taken by me, blown up and framed on the walls.

To this apartment I will invite Sylverine and hopefully other people who love me enough to overlook my atrocious eccentricities ( a nice way of saying idiocy).


Shady said...

dreaming is healty, keep it up. mature cheese isn't always impressive.. not for me at least. hope you get your own 'dream' place one day.. only then you have to wish for something bigger ;)

Mozzarella said...

Wowza! You visited! Welcome!

Mature cheese is not impressive, you're right. But the older the wine you own, the more money it will yield when you sell.
That was a totally bad metaphor. I mean to say, only once I've got me a proper job will I be able to have the dream place :)

Once I've got that, I'll work on the friends thing. :D